Playmedia creates an experiential space to live the Faith

• An amazing immersion for faith, a world reference
• Interior and permanent video mapping, one of the most prized in Europe

Barcelona, 23 September 2020. Playmedia has been the company responsible for transforming the Sanctuary of Torreciutat (Huesca, Spain) into an international reference center through a revitalization project to attract visitors.

Apart from being developed as one of the few religious tourism projects today, the work done by Playmedia, gives some striking figures: 9 work teams have been needed with a total of 86 people from more than 10 different nationalities and 7 area directors, to offer a unique experience in Europe. It has also had the work of up to 24 different professions including musicians, set designers, industrial and graphic designers, interior designers, audiovisual engineers, computer engineers, documentarians, educators, architects, marketing and communication experts, producers, art directors. , filmmakers, as well as other profiles.

Josep Maria Herms, Creative Director of the Torreciutat project, highlights the high degree of specialization required to connect with a segment that, “Unlike all other market segments, faith is fundamentally motivated.” “The biggest challenge when it comes to applying marketing to these types of projects is to understand religion as a source of service without falling into the error of considering its followers as consumer users.”

The religious tourism sector is strongly established in Europe where it is estimated that more than fifteen million people engage in some type of religious tourism.

Interior and permanent video mapping, one of the most precious in Europe

The projection of the video mapping is a fascinating experience in which the altarpiece, sculpted in alabaster stone by Joan Mayné, displays all its richness and content through an artistic effect and out of the ordinary. In this way an interaction with the public is allowed and a relationship between art and technology is created. Playmedia has managed to make this one of the most prized video mappings in Europe for its permanent nature, which is projected in an enclosed space.

To this project is added a wide range of similar challenges produced by Playmedia in other parts of the world, such as the Visitor Center of the Basilica of Guadalupe (Mexico), or the Visitor Center of Nazareth (Israel).