“The Expletive” (“El Improperio”), at the Cultural Island of the City of Solsona (Solsona Town Council)
Customer: Ajuntament de Solsona
The acquisition by the Solsona Town Council of the buildings in Cal Metge Solé and Casa Morató, at the heart of the historic centre of this city, opens a new set of possibilities to dynamize the cultural and tourist offer of this Solsona. This set creates the so-called “cultural island”.Playmedia creates and directs the project of creating a node of cultural connections devoted to the interpretation, research and diffusion of the popular culture and feast. This specific space is known as “The Expletive”, Solsona’s most identifying folk element.This project constitutes an embryo which allows Solsona to become a referential location on this issue beyond its borders, apart from boosting its cultural and tourist inflow.
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