Interactive technology for The Museum of World Cultures

For the new Museum of World Cultures in Barcelona, we have developed a range of interactive solutions in three different formats. There is a large new-generation multi-touch screen that allows various users to interact simultaneously (allowing them to expand, turn, zoom-in on details of high resolution images and interact with different contents simultaneously). There are also 4 tactile screens and 2 screens built into a custom-made table that has been finished to match the decor of the exhibition space. It has selection menus for children and you can watch 10 fables from different cultures which have been scripted, adapted and depicted as Chinese shadow theatre, creating an unusual attraction for all ages. Using the touch screens, visitors can look up key aspects of the cuisine, music, writing and languages of the diverse cultures portrayed in the Museum rooms. There are videos illustrating recipes from around the world, sound recordings in extinct languages (that each user can listen to using headphones to avoid any acoustic contamination), sentences written in arcane alphabets and animations of calligraphy created especially so that you can see how they evolve and appreciate the penmanship. The whole installation was developed following the guidelines of experts and a first-class audiovisual production team.

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