125th anniversary of the Giants of Olot for the "Museu dels Sants"
Customer: Museu dels Sants

For the exhibition of the 125th Anniversary of the Giants of Olot for the Museum dels Sants, Playmedia designed the museography to re-create an intergenerational space, allowing visitors to share moments with the Giants of Olot as protagonists, whilst discovering how they have evolved over the last 125 years. Our interactive proposal was to write a game for families, where players can learn about the history of the Giants and of all the people who had somehow been linked to them. Another activity enables users to take photographs with the Giants and then share them on the social network Pinterest. The aim was to create a virtual exhibition with the maximum number of images of the Giants. The proposal was also designed as an activity where different generations could interact, parents and their children, grandparents and their grandchildren, finding images of the Giants, scanning them or taking digital photographs and uploading them on Pinterest.

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